Drone / UAV - DJI Inspire 1 - Up to 400ft AGL

Low level HD video is what this is all about! Our DJI Inspire 1 is an incredible video platform. It is capable of shooting high quality 4K video, and is very stable because of its 3 axis gimbal mount. This is a great UAV / Drone that can cover many jobs that a helicopter is unable to do. Low oblique and vertical aerial photographs are also shot with this UAV. We have officially have our FAA 333 Exemption Waiver, $2M in Insurance coverage, and our FAA registration number. James is our licensed pilot and commercial drone operator with years of experience flying radio controlled aircraft.

Our Inspire 1 is also perfect for low level aerial photos.

Airplane - Cessna 210 - 1000ft AGL and Up

Both oblique and vertical aerial photographs are taken from our specially equipped Cessna 210 aircraft. Airplane is the most economical and fastest platform for aerial photography. The FAA limits the minimum altitude for airplanes at 1000' above ground level and 500' from any person, structure, or vessel. Photo sites in cities with busy airspace can be more difficult to service, and therefor more costly. Obstructions in the vicinity of your photo site can also limit the use of airplane. However, if your site requires us to get lower, slower, or closer, we have several helicopters available for our use.

Having our own airplane makes it possible to go long distances for photography. We can routinely cover the east coast and travel as far as Texas to the south. We are the company to call with large site lists. We guarantee our work.

Helicopter - Robinson R44 & R22

When a lower, slower, and/or closer view of your site is needed, Above All has a helicopter and pilot readily available. Helicopters can fly in areas and altitudes which airplanes cannot go. Helicopter photography/video is more costly than airplane, but is the best platform for flying in congested areas and low levels. These photos/videos make for stunning views.

Aerial Bucket Truck - 35ft

Above All has a solution to your architectural and exterior photography needs. We have the option of using an aerial bucket truck to get a unique, ground-based perspective of a site. The boom on our truck has a 35ft reach, allowing us to photograph sites from tree top levels in almost any environment. See our portfolio for examples.