Digital SLR Camera - Canon 5DS 50MP

Oblique aerial photographs and architectural photographs are taken with the latest professional digital SLR cameras. We couple these cameras with only the finest lenses to ensure that your images are razor-sharp every time. Gyroscopic stabilizers are mounted to our cameras while in flight to eliminate the motion blur commonly seen in aerial images from low budget photographers.

We use several lenses for obliques, exteriors, and interior photography. For aerial obliques we use the 24-70mm for medium-wide shots, and use the 70-300mm for incredibly crisp close-up shots. For interiors and exteriors, we use the 16-24mm wide angle lens for the shots that can't be accomplished with the 24-70mm.

Video Camera - DJI Inspire 2 Drone - Canon 5DS

Our DJI Inspire 2 is an incredible video platform. It is capable of shooting high quality 5K video, and is very stable because of its 3 axis gimbal mount. This is a great UAV / Drone that can cover many jobs that a helicopter is unable to do.

High definition helicopter video is shot with a Canon 5DS, fixed to a custom-fabricated mount featuring two Kenyon Lab K-12 gyros. .

We also use a Sony HDR-FX1 as a second/backup camera. This camera can be place inside the front bubble of the helicopter to get a forward motion perspective, which truely cannot be done without an external nose mount camera system. Shooting through glass is a setback for all photographers; but if it is done right, the glass is not noticeable.

Vertical Camera - Canon 5DS 50MP - DJI Inspire 2

For vertical aerial photography we use a Canon 5DS 50MP DSLR camera. This high resolution camera produces 55MB compressed / 144MB uncompressed RAW files, allowing us to photograph both large and small areas at very high resolution. These images can be georectified and mosaiced in our digital photo lab to produce stunning photographic maps of large areas.

We can also use our DJI Inspire 2 to autonomously map areas smaller in size. This also produces very high resolution maps.